Monday, March 13, 2017

That Awkward Moment When You're Done.

Good morning.

It's funny when you spend a whole week saying goodbye, it causes this odd feeling to grow in your stomach; it sinks deep into your ribs and wraps carefully around your heart. It's like sepia-tone photos, a quiet grove, a monotonous drive through the trees. I think we call that nostalgia, but this is mixed with something like a longing for more -- a longing for the future.

It has been a lovely year and a half, brothers and sisters. Lately, I've frequently thought back on the moment I stepped off the curb in the MTC. An elder took my bags. He was going to the Philippines. In the next few seconds, I was standing beside a short, sister missionary escort. Standing beside her was Sister Maughan, who I would later come to love more than I even imagined.

I remember the first time I saw Sister Harrison, and the noise of the Clinton transfer point. I remember biking through the streets in Flowood, Mississippi, and the roar of the T-Van on my first transfer ride down to Purvis, Mississippi. I will always and forever remember the many sweaty summer months I spent in Biloxi, the fireworks over the bay, and then the road trip up to Bossier City, Louisiana where I embraced my last companion, Sister May.

I couldn't tell you everything I've learned. I couldn't tell you everything I was sent here for. I couldn't explain to you the Spirit I've felt. I couldn't expound in any poem or writ what the Lord has done with my heart in eighteen months.

Jesus Christ asks us to come unto Him. He asks us to learn of Him, to walk as He did. If we abide in Him, then He will abide in us. We will be changed. We will become a new person.

Jesus Christ has changed me. I can feel it in my heart. I have watched others come unto Him, and I am so thankful for the choices they've made. He always leaves it up to us.

I cannot describe how it feels to walk by your Savior everyday. I cannot describe how truly amazing it is to be His servant, to work as He did, and to find and help those who need Him. He is the good shepherd. He knows His sheep. They hear His voice. I am so thankful to have been able to help find those sheep.

I am grateful for all the support that has been given to me, and I am grateful for all of you who seem to read these silly emails of mine. Thank you for your love and your kindness.

See you next week.



Sister Rose

Me and the Bossier Sisters <3

When your district is pretty cool: 

We volunteer at this place called Renesting. It's legit. This is a sign they put up when we came to volunteer one day:


My homies at Renesting! (Left to right: Noel, Holly, ME!, Norma, and Betty):

When you're kinda sick and you're ending your mission so your companion makes you a grave + tombstone:

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  1. They've not been silly. Well sometimes they have been, but that's because of your delightful humor. It's been great watching you grow in spirit and in grace. More importantly, I'd like to thank you for allowing me to grow in both those areas too. You see, you didn't just minister through your missionary work. You extended insight that I would not have had otherwise. I am so appreciative of the teachings and the learning through your willingness to share. Love and Light, Sister Rose. This is just the beginning