Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bound for the Promised Land

Gooooood morning, y'all! I'd just like to begin this e-mail with a shoutout to Bishop Burns, the best bishop this side of the Red River. Thanks for all the hard work you do for Brownlee, Bishop!

We've had quite the adventurous week here, my friends! I'm a little short on time today, so this one will also be short, but I'll try and tell you all that we did!

Because it's February and our dear Zone Leaders increased our mileage allotment, Sister May and I had the privilege of driving all the way to Plain Dealing, Louisiana, one of the four cities we cover. Plain Dealing is a very quiet, still town located as far away from everything as possible. Sister May and I loved being up there, though, and we got to meet some incredible people because of these blessings.

We were also blessed to have Zone Conference on Thursday. It's amazing how inspired our leadership is. Every lesson and principle taught swept away a concern or a question I'd had. Heavenly Father is aware of us, personally and perfectly. Every word spoken at Zone Conference was meant for me, and I know it was meant for Sister May and the other missionaries in the MJM. I'm thankful to have leaders who are led by the Spirit in all that they do.

This Zone Conference was my last. I didn't fully feel that until I was standing at the pulpit, giving a closing testimony that I'd seen dozens of other missionaries before me give. It still hasn't quite come, but I'm thankful to have had such a spiritually uplifting conference that built me up for the rest of the day.

Also this week, Elder Sillitoe and Elder Ostergar were able to see one of their awesome investigators, Lisa get baptized. She was able to make an everlasting covenant with our Heavenly Father, one that will bless her life forever.

At this baptism, Sister May and I had the privilege of teaching about the Plan of Salvation. This subject has weighed heavy on my mind lately, and as I reflected on the day a thought came to me.

Just before the baptism, a funeral was held. I don't know for whom. I thought it was an odd combination of things -- a funeral and a baptism, barely an hour apart. Both commemorating entirely different things, but both belonging to God's plan of salvation.

We come to this earth to learn. We came here because in our pre-earth life, we accepted Heavenly Father's plan and promised we'd do our best in our earthly bodies. But, these bodies aren't perfect. They get sick, they wither, they fade. One day, we will all be subject to physical death. It is simply another step in God's house.

Brothers and sisters, life doesn't end at the grave. Jesus Christ overcame that for us when He rose again. There is hope for friends and family to see each other again. Because Jesus Christ's soul and body were reunited, one day ours will be, too and we will be in perfected bodies, no longer subject to death and disease.

Baptism is also a step in God's plan for us. Through baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, we overcome spiritual death as we continue to repent. Heavenly Father has given us a way to overcome all things, and I know all of those things are done in Jesus Christ.

Do you know where you are in His plan for you?

I love you all! Have a good week.



Sister Rose

The PD sign!

Some Plain Dealing scenery

When you see a rainbow, and it's AWESOME!

A sunset photo

The road to Plain Dealing

When you're going to a dinner appointment with a member but they live in the literal middle of a horse farm

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